Extended Warranty

Whatever your protection need is, SPP has the right solution for you. Our wide range of plans, terms and benefits ensures that your investment is in good hands.



Plan a worry-free trip and count on your SPP premium or Limited plan to ensure your driving experience will be as carefree as possible. Let us take care of unexpected expenses on the road. Most programs include additional options for 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Rental, Trip Interruption, Guaranteed Price Refund and Deductible Reduction.





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o    Auto Limited Brochure

o    Mechanical Auto Warranty Brochure

o    Auto Mechanical Assistance Brochure

Recreational Vehicle (RV) & Travel Trailer (TT)

Feel like discovering new horizons or just camping with your family? Make sure your Recreational Vehicle or Travel Trailer is covered by us and benefit from advantages such as compensation for food spoilage in case of an eligible refrigerator failure, for trip Interruption and more.


o    Recreational Vehicle Brochure

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Recreational Product Group (RPG)

The adventure is calling you out and you are ready to go but there is something you should not be adventurous about… your Recreational Product’s protection! Get some real peace of mind with our extensive Superior plan and forget everything else!


o    Recreational Product Group (RPG) Brochure

o    RPG Mechanical Assistance Brochure


Sail on smooth waters by giving your boat the best coverage and get us onboard. We will make sure your watercraft is taken care of with all the benefits included in your plan (water/land service, towing and more).


o    Marine Brochure