Success Stories

We like to celebrate our successes, but even more, we like to celebrate your successes. Here is what our dealers have to say about us.

Mike Lalande, British Columbia

"Just did a claim on a Companion Clear Plus, and I must say it went really well. The IA-SAL back office was amazing to deal with and we had the claim approved and cheque done in just a few days."

Joy Shmanka, Ontario

"Being a seasoned sales person, I found this training to be refreshing, up-to-date, and learned a lot of ways to approach things differently"

Thunder Bay - Power Creditor Workshop - February 2014

Darcy Paterson, Manitoba

"After making the switch from the sales floor to the finance office, I feel that this training has allowed me to polish the skills that I have and take the next step to become a rounded salesperson, manager, and coach as our dealership grows!"

Winnipeg - APEX - May 2014

Amanda Willmore, Nova Scotia

"Arriving on day 1 terrified, but leaving on day 5 very confident with a wealth of information and eager to put into practice and learn more.  Awesome trainers. Thank you"

Dartmouth - APEX - August 2014

Lori Lynch Rainy, Alberta

"Not only do these sessions give new ideas, they recharge our batteries and sharing ideas & networking"

Red Deer - Power of Why Workshop - April 2014

Margaret Currie, Ontario

"IA-SAL workshop leaders & dealership reps are all very knowledgeable, professional and willing to help. Great company to be involved with."

Kitchener - Power Warranty Workshop - February 2014

Adam Lambe, Prince Edward Island

"As a new Sales person, I couldn't imagine a more beneficial presentation on the science of car sales. Time well invested."

Charlottetown - Star Sales Workshop - February 2014

Brent Hartwell, Alberta

Earlier this year, Honda Financial Services, made a decision to align with one national F & I provider. That provider needed to have a complete product offering in terms of the Finance Office as well as have the training to support the sale of those products. A little less than 2 months ago, our Dealership transitioned to the iA-SAL program, supported by HFS. In the short time that we have worked with iA-SAL, we have been able to move some of our dependence on one product to a more diverse product offering, that supports our business model, and will lead to increased CSI and customer loyalty. It has been with the focused training of an improved process that iA-SAL has brought to our team, that we have been able to transition with success.

Brent Hartwell

November 2015

Barry Rivington, Ontario

The new additions to the Honda Plus umbrella are great for business! Customers are happier and are finding more value in the products branded and supported by the factory. In the short three months that we have been on the program we had the largest F&I month in August. Retail volume was great and the F&I average was huge.  Since June 1st we have seen a $250 increase in the F&I average. The coaching provided focuses on discovery of the customers’ needs and the strength of the Honda “H”.  The reason the customer walks through the door of our dealership is to buy a Honda, now they can protect their investment and reduce their cost of ownership with Honda F&I products designed, built and supported by the Honda.  What is most surprising is the increase in Honda Loan protection sales, upwards of 20%, and Honda Plus Extended Warranty and the Honda Appearance protection has increased in the right direction with it!

Barry Rivington

Catherine O'Reilly and Graham Dennis, Ontario

If you are searching for a dependable, straight-forward group to handle all of your insurance, chemical and warranty needs; we wholeheartedly recommend the SAL Group.

In 2010, we began searching for a new provider. Our prerequisites were; an on-going training program, a regular reporting system and strong follow-up-skills. After much deliberation, we chose the Sal Group; due to their high level of professionalism and expertise.

To date, the Sal Group has offered outstanding service. They continue to impress us with their focus on improving our bottom line.

Catherine O'Reilly and Graham Dennis

Thunder Bay Used Car Superstore and Marostica Subaru

In Dec 2016 we put a renewed focus on our F&I Departments with the support of the IA SAL Training Team.

In just 30 days we obtained a substantial lift in our production and after 90 days we are happy to say that our Dealerships are up close to $300 per unit and $41,000 in additional revenue.

Our 30 years of Partnership with IA SAL will undoubtedly continue to support growth in our group. We have never ventured to look elsewhere in the marketplace simply because of their dedicated loyalty and support shown to our dealer network.


Dave Restoule

VP Marostica Group