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iA-SAL is a leading marketer* of creditor insurance, extended warranty and appearance protection, anti-theft and vehicle replacement coverage. Our wide selection of specialized insurance products means we can customize a protection plan that’s right for you!

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Creditor Group Insurance

Creditor Group Insurance protects you, your family and your credit from the risk of financial loss due to unexpected events such as loss of life, diagnosis of a critical illness, disability or involuntary unemployment.

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Extended Warranty

A comprehensive line of extended service contracts for new and used light vehicles, recreational vehicles and travel trailers, recreational product group vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles and Marine Products.

Replacement InsurancE & Warranty

Insurance settlements rarely put you back in the same position you were in prior to a theft, fire or collision. Protect your vehicle investment with Replacement Warranty or Replacement Insurance coverage. It’s the seal you can rely on.

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Appearance Protection

Don’t let the money you invested in your vehicle go to waste because of the weather or unmaintained roads. Keep it pristine as when you bought it with Appearance Protection Programs. You love your vehicle; let us take care of it!


Anti-theft Etch

A traceable ID number is permanently etched into all body panels of the vehicle, deterring thefts before they touch the car. Etching works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; nothing to switch on or off.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection

When the unexpected such as fire, theft or accident makes your vehicle investment a total loss, many people find they are left not only without a vehicle, but also left with the responsibility of paying off any negative equity. Protection with GAP coverage covers you for this difference.

Manufacturer Programs

An increasing number of manufacturers (OEM’s) and financial institutions are partnering up with SAL Group to offer customized products and services. Backed by the strength and reputation of one of the largest Insurance companies in Canada, Industrial Alliance, iA-SAL makes a trustworthy partner! 

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iA-SAL offers a unique line of retail products in partnership with various quality brands. These cutting edge products include offerings like mobile apps and other auto technology.

*Creditor group insurance is underwritten and marketed by: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services. Replacement Insurance is marketed by: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services. Replacement Warranty, Extended Warranty, St. Clair Marketing's Silent Sentinel, Diamond-Kote's Appearance Protection, ECP's Appearance Protection and GAP are marketed by SAL Marketing Inc. and IA Pacific Marketing.