The things you have to know about handling an objection

What is an objection? It can be several different things, it can be a sign that your customer is interested in your product/service; that he/she has a concern about something; maybe they don’t trust you or you haven’t done a good enough job on qualifying or discovery/needs assessment.
What to do? When an objection is raised we must return to the rules of engagement, we must acknowledge the objection, isolate and confirm and address it with a new idea.

F&I and Customer Loyalty

Many dealers have just returned from the NADA, RVDA, Auto Shows or one of the other association’s annual conventions, all filled with excitement and new knowledge.  At these events, the halls were filled with many companies that were offering software tools that would solve your dealership’s issues in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area.  All of these “solutions” rely on a significant capital investment, training and eventual implementation by the dealership frontline employees.

Financial Services Department: An Undeniable Value for RV Dealerships

CADA 10 Years Anniversary - iA-SAL Exclusive Sponsor

A whole decade has passed since iA-SAL has been the exclusive sponsor of the CADA Laureate dealer recognition program. Where has the time gone?

How deep is your love?

There is really only one secret to success in F&I and that secret is very often right in front of you. Yes, you! The best and most successful F&I professionals all seem to cherish the same things; honesty, integrity, the ability to control their own earning potential and last but certainly not least, they cherish the customer. These financial service professionals are experts at putting the customer first. They fully understand the value of quality customer service.